Film Reviews

Herald Work Experience

Farnham Herald, Alton Herald, Bordon Herald, Liphook Herald, Haslemere Herald and Petersfield Post ‘Record heat closes schools and cancels football matches in Surrey and Hampshire’: I conducted research by transcribing as well as interviewing people over the phone and in person to aid the following news stories: ‘Isn’t 60 years long enough to make… Continue reading Herald Work Experience

Basingstoke Gazette/Andover Advertiser Published Work

‘All you need to know about Andover Carnival as it returns this Sunday’: ‘Small businesses in Basingstoke call for more support after being left on the brink due to online shopping and cost of living crisis’: ‘Basingstoke’s empty spaces – is the Top of Town declining?’:—top-town-declining/ ‘Amelie Osborn-Smith who fought off crocodile… Continue reading Basingstoke Gazette/Andover Advertiser Published Work

Interview: Kevin Markwick, New Owner of the Electric Cinema in Birmingham

The Electric Cinema in Birmingham’s city centre is an important spot for all film lovers. It is thought to be the oldest working cinema in the United Kingdom, opening in 1909. Despite witnessing most of film history, as well as two World Wars, the Electric sadly had to close its’ doors due to the start… Continue reading Interview: Kevin Markwick, New Owner of the Electric Cinema in Birmingham

Munich: The Edge of War

Sometimes Netflix films are more about quantity than quality. Netflix films are like marmite. You either love them or hate them, or in other words, they either are received amazingly, or they do not do well. Munich: The Edge of War was just okay. It was not as capturing as other recent Netflix releases such… Continue reading Munich: The Edge of War